17 July 2018

Another heatwave drawback: wasps

It's hot and the garden is drying out! And there are many wildfires. But there was one disadvantage of the weather that I felt a bit more acutely. With this kind of weather I often bike to work in a summer dress. It's too hot for anything else! But these don't offer a lot of protection. And on Tuesday morning I was biking down a slope, deeply bent over my dropped handlebars, when I biked into something. It didn't like the collision and stung. I never saw the creature, so to be honest I'm not sure if it was a wasp, but it seemed the most likely suspect. In a reflex I swept the culprit off my skin and inspected the damage. Not much to see, but all to feel! By the time I got to my office I had a breast enlargement. It was a very unpleasant feeling! And by the evening the swelling was gone, but by Sunday my right breast was still red and itchy. Annoying! And it reminded me of a (non-blogged) incident when I lived in York; then I gut stung on the lip. I'm doing all the standard beauty treatments, it seems!

I suppose more clothes would have saved me. Soon I suppose I'll be wearing them! And then I can bump into creatures with only them suffering the consequences. As some bat I headbutted some time ago might attest to! But I think the bat was alright; I was going uphill at the time. I was glad I was wearing biking glasses though!

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