13 July 2018

Heat wave inspires garden intervention

When I bought the house I figured I would have to rip a lot of vegetation (mainly brambles) out, and do regular lawn mowing, and pruning, and planting new plants, and all sorts of things, but I didn't think I'd have to be watering the plants very much. But some two weeks into a heat wave I decided I had to anyway. I am not going to water the lawn; that will just recover when the rain starts again. It's actually quite convenient that in this drought the grass isn't growing very much. But I have two raised beds I put plants in, and I wanted these to survive. The bed with succulents looked fine but I just wanted to make sure it would keep doing that, and the other bed was showing signs of distress. I hope I'm not too late! I suppose I may have to keep going for a while as this heat wave isn't going anywhere, but that's OK. There is still water in the water butt (which isn't linked to the drains; maybe I should do something about that) and I also have the river. And these few plants don't need all too much!

I think my interventions may have come too late for the plants in pots at the front of the house. A lot of them look dead! I suppose the pot situation makes them more susceptible. Oh well. I might move some to the back garden, declare some dead, and have a general clean-up!

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