15 July 2018

Summer open days

They are done! Our summer Open Days for the year. They are important. But it's hard to get students to man them. And other events threatened to get in the way. And they fell in an awkward period in which the one Open Day organiser was organising his own departure for the US, and the other one was on sabbatical.

The first Open Day of the two, run by the man on sabbatical, was during the onset of Marieke's visit, and at the same time as the Armed Forces Day in Llandudno, which had been predicted to cause traffic jams on the A55. Oh dear. And it was a stressy day! I hope the visitors didn't notice. At least nobody complained about traffic.

The second was run by the man who would have his goodbye do within a week. And it ran well! Blimey I will have to fill his shoes once he's gone. And we always have more visitors in the morning than the afternoon, but this time the difference was very big: 170 in the morning and 50 in the afternoon. But we send the visitors back by bus at 15:30. And at 15:00 the World Cup quarter final with England in started. A coincidence? Not likely...

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