19 July 2018

Finding the way in Cwm

It was one of those non-digging nights. But it would be Cwm anyway! The Thursdaynighters had acquired a new member recently who I hadn't met yet: Kate, and she was getting ready for starting a job as a trip assistant at Go Below. The trip leader leads the way (what's in a name), but if someone gets scared or has some other reason to come out then the trip assistant has to make that happen. So it's important that they know the way around as well. And as a preparation for the job they get to join trips so they know the route, but learning to find your way around is always more efficient if you navigate yourself. So she had requested that. And we obliged!

There weren't many of us: David, Jason, Brian, Don, Kate and me. We went up and in. And we kept our mouths shut while Kate navigated! We pretended not to know anything. It went well! And sometimes we just explored unusual bits as Kate wanted to know the context as well.

We pretty much did the usual round trip. It was nice, though! And the mine was starting to make a lot more sense to Kate. A good night! And I was home before midnight!

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