09 July 2018

Electrician starts

He was supposed to start mid June, but I am starting to see a pattern in how tradespeople work. All takes longer than initially thought! But he's started now. Or rather: they. There were two of them. And they set to work. They started on the ground floor; in the living room they didn't manage to pull up the floor (the floor blow still has its ceiling intact so they couldn't access the wiring from there), but they had managed in the landing. So suddenly there was no floor! And in the living room the carpet was pulled up. And a bloke was standing on a step ladder drilling holes in my precious ceiling beams. And they had pulled up the floor in the spare bedroom too. The place looked an utter mess! But once they're done it will all look a lot better.

When they had pulled up the floorboards they had also found an unpleasant sight: an electricity cable with a nail driven straight through it. And the nail was live! Oh dear. That's why I have professionals sorting this.

When I got home all was civilised again. And the day after they didn't come back. They had asked me to get my joiner to pull up the floor boards in the living room. He's busy too! I hope I can lure him in soon. And in the meantime, rumours about the electrician going on holiday reached me (the chap is Phils's electrician too!) so this may take a while. Oh well! I'm resigned. It will get done and it will be spiffing! And I can manage for now with what it was...

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