30 July 2018

Take the excess wood off

The ceiling beams in my landing had all sorts of extra bits of wood nailed to them. No idea why! But as all that is now visible, it had to go. So I got onto my step ladder one Satuday and had a go. These Victorians do rather good nails! As in, they stay put really well. They do tend to get a bit brittle, though, in my experience. I pulled most of the bent-over bits off! But with sufficient violence you can then prise the bit of wood over the remains of the nail. I managed to get it all off! More firewood, I presume. And the ceiling is one step closer to being finished!

On this stretch of beam you can just see the ghosts of three unneccessary wood bits

One piece was nailed against the planks, not the beams

When it was all off! 

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