31 March 2017

Bangor nightlife

There aren't many pubs on this blog anymore. They don't feature in my life very much at all. Sometimes I go when there is a special occasion. And I have my weekly meet-up with Jenny in the Anglesey Arms. That's sort of it. I have different priorities now!

When on Friday I walked to the bike shop I heard my name. Some of my 4th year students were walking on the other side of the street. They said they were going to the pub; did I care to join? I pointed out I had to get to the bike shop first but might join them later.

I got the bike back, dumped it in the boot of the car, and scampered back to the pub. I found the students and ordered a half pint. I was driving, after all.

It was quite nice! They are a good bunch. They were busy sorting out a trip to Southampton for a conference. After my confrontation with students over a year ago I was a bit skittish; this cohort, actually, was the same as the one with which I had that problem. I also had marked an assignment of these students a short while ago; I sat next to a chap for a while who I had failed. But the atmosphere was very amicable! I suppose the students with which I had an issue was just a small subset (most kept themselves anonymous and in the wings) and I should not be scared of students in general due to such experiences.

I did feel the age gap a bit; one of the students started to recommend lots of pubs and festivals and whatnots to me, all involving alcohol and late nights. That's not my life anymore! It was well-intended but I don't think I'll act on his advice.

As I could only have a half pint I didn't stay long. It was very nice, though! I hope they have a great time in Southampton!

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