19 March 2017

PGCertHE submitted

In January already I had finished my PGCertHE portfolio as far as I could finish it myself. I still needed a letter from James! And he is busy.

On the Friday before the Monday deadline I received the letter, fit it into the portfolio, and sent it to the lady in charge of the PGCertHE pathway, Peggy. Normally you would upload it onto the university website, but as soon as my new job started I lost access to that. I had phoned around to see who could reinstate me; IT services? Peggy? I had got nowhere but Peggy had said I could just mail it to her and all would be well. I did as advised.

That Monday I phoned her to see if all was well. She had received it, but now, on the day of the deadline, she told me she wasn't sure if I was actually registered on the programme. She gave me the name of a lady to contact: Delyth. She didn't answer the phone. Not that day, not the next, not in a long time.

I now feel a bit in limbo. I have submitted, but is that enough? I have tried to contact Delyth by mail and by phone and she is not budging. I hope this can be sorted! I want that qualification!

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