28 March 2017

Talking to the parents

As lecturing staff you're supposed to do your bit for recruitment. The school has regular open days. I had worked on these before, as research staff; then you can be asked to do some science demonstration. This time I was supposed to talk to parents of prospective students to answer questions. I wasn't sure how I'd fare; I was educated in a completely different system, and I do know about the programmes I teach on, but I don't normally have anything to do with things such as what various programmes we offer, what the requirements are, how much freedom there is, if any special kit is needed, etc. I did my best, though! I even found a parent of a student who wanted to do my kind of stuff. Most of them are on the road to marine biology.

My job runs out before the new cohort arrives but we'll see. I hope I made a positive contribution...

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