30 March 2017

Brexit meeting

Universities are international places. Bangor University is no exception. Quite a lot of the foreigners around are from the EU. In Ocean Sciences alone we have four Dutch people, one Belgian, a Swede, a Dane, a Spaniard and an Italian (and that's only those who immediately spring to mind). We also have several Brits in relationships with EU nationals. And with article 50 being invoked it's time to prepare. The University organised a Brexit meeting for those interested.

I went. There was a lady from Social Sciences who specified what the EU had done for Wales (a lot). Then a man from the same school showed some results from a study into who had voted what. Funnily enough, fluent Welsh-speakers had overwhelmingly voted remain. Are they comfortable enough in their culture to not feel threatened by Europe?

The next speakers were lawyers who went into some detail on what the Brexit options are and what that means for universities, and for funding, and foreign staff and students. It was very interesting! I also spoke with another Dutch woman from Ocean Sciences who had already started the process of applying for permanent residency. I think I should follow suit. The lawyers suggested all who do that should ask for professional assistance as if such a process goes wrong the consequences can be unpleasant. I never really thought I'd have to do something like that. Life is unpredictable! But one manages...

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