20 March 2017

Spring dinner on a hill

On Tuesday I had to lecture until 4PM. I had Welsh class from 6.30, as usual. I didn't feel like biking back to Anglesey for that short time, so I went to the library to do some work there. But I also had to eat my sandwiches before Welsh class; in the 2.5 hour class we only get a 5 minute break, and by the time I get home it's 9.30. And it happened to be a lovely day! From many university buildings you can see the hill that looms over Bangor on the southeastern side: Bangor Mountain. It is largely undeveloped; just trees and shrubs and such. I decided to walk up it to have my sarnies. When I had eaten them I also walked a bit further to admire the view in the other direction; away from Bangor. Even better! What a good idea altogether. It's only a few minutes but you are away from everything and the views are amazing. Silly I had never been there before!

 Among the gorse you can see the benches of which I chose one as my dinner seat

 The view towards the southeast

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