15 May 2014

Weekend run - west this time

I like listening to the CD that came with my Welsh course while doing graphic work. I like reading the newspaper while doing maintenance on my hair, or while brushing my teeth. I like being efficient with my time! SO I also like exploring Anglesey while running. It does mean I generally do my explorations without a map, and that irn turn means I tend to exlore places one doesn't get lost in very easily. The first time I had simple followed the coastal path, and the second time I had followed a stream to a reservoir, and then ran around the reservoir. This time I picked a dune field. I figured I'd be able to run more or less around its perimeter. And it was rather bleak weather, and dunes don't provide much shelter, like woods do, but woods are easier to get lost in. So dunes it was! A small path of them on the Anglesey  west coast.

When I started out I struggled against the wind, tears streaming over my face. I wasn't going too fast like this either! But I got to the beach. You could tell it sometimes had busier days. Now it was just one dog walker, me, and two kite surfers. They seemed to have a blast!

The menacing beach. The dot in the distance is the kite of a kite surfer.

At the end of the beach I turned back inland. Suddenly I was going a lot faster! No idea why. And it was indeed easy to find paths. And soon I was back at the road I have come over. On the other side there were fewer paths to be seen! And after a while I came a cross a tidal stream that looked tricky to cross, so I just followed it. And in the meantime the weather cleared up! I hadn't expected that. But I came back to my car in bright sunshine. I did a small extra bit on asphalt; I hadn't pushed it very much during the second half of the run, as I was too busy trying not to break my ankle, or be ripped open by hostile vegetation. So I needed a bit of bonus exercise for heart and lungs. That done I went home. Another part of Anglesey explored!

 The weather cleared up!

The view from the parking place

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