26 May 2014

String of repairs

I sometimes think I spend half my spare time repairing things. Cars, bicycles, cameras, clothes, caving kit... And even cheese slicers, cables and bike lights! Sometimes I don't think, in hindsight, it was a very economical thing to do; my time is not free, after all. But I do take pride in keeping things going. And you can also see repair as an investment in one's skills! Yes, I spent hours on repairing a wetsuit that was just a free hand-me-down... but I have learned some do's and don't's (brr, ugly accumulation of apostrophes) of neoprene repair. And I keep the old ragged thing in business for a while more! At least that keeps the carbon footprint of my cold water adventures nice and low!

The red bike now has mud guards! Maybe rather an addition than a repair, but I think it counts.

The patch on the inside of my wetsuit. I had tried to make it a shape that accommodates the bum-shape of the suit. Only afterwards I saw maybe my design was a bit unfortunate!

Modest Sugru repairs 

 More sugru

A sports bra with a new clasp

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