18 February 2012

Blast from the past

Facebook is not just for posting pictures of yourself and your mates being stark drunk! Not everyone will agree with me here, but besides not having any of such pictures on FB (or anywhere, really) I find myself using the social network for tangentially work-related purposes. Drawing people's attention to job vacancies if they have left university and you don't have a private e-mail address, for instance. And today I got a notification a former colleague from Norway had shared a link on my wall. And it turned out it was a link to an article in the Aftenposten, a Norwegian newspaper, that my dear old employer the Norwegian Polar Institute would let its research vessel, the Lance, get frozen into winter sea ice near Svalbard. It would give them a good opportunity to study, for instance, microbiology in action in winter. And to illustrate that they had used a picture that featured me! Good old days. And I don't think I would have noticed without Facebook... Thanks, Per!

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