12 February 2012


One thing that belongs in a childhood is Dutch pancakes. They're the simplest of dishes, but how amazing they are! I have fond memories of the delicacy. And to my surprise: so does Hugh. Having had a Dutch nanny he was acutely aware of their merits. So the plan to have some together was easily concocted! And I managed to introduce a new combination to him: bacon, cheese, and syrup! It's a bit odd to make bacon pancakes with English bacon (it's quite thick!), and the syrup that is sold here, golden syrup, is not quite the traditional stuff, but it worked out most satisfyingly. And it's a bit of an indulgent pile-up of toppings, but he's convinced! We may want to do that more often...

I don't suppose I don't have to explain why there are no pics of pancakes that are done?

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