21 February 2012

Valentine underground

I think you are familiar with the routine, reader! Tuesday is often caveday. And how many different blog posts can one write about plodding around underground? At some point there's not much news-worthy about it anymore. And last week was one of those trips. And yes it was a Valentine's trip, but that does not have much influence other than that it's not very well-attended, as some of our men are kept at home on a night like that by their significant others. So we went underground with a select few, we took pictures, we had a good time: hardly revolutionary! But John took some pictures that were so nice I decided to post them anyway. So after all: a posting on last week's trip down a small but pretty adit!

Junction, by John

Crossing a winze, by John

This may look somewhat non-descript, but it is a fault outcropping in the wall of a tunnel. And water just comes streaming out! I found that geologically interesting. The rock doesn't look permeable, but look at how much water makes its way out here...

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