09 June 2022

From evening running to afternoon cycling

I had just developed a taste for running in the evening when I had to press the pause button. The day after my exploratory run up Drosgl I had to be in Bangor, so that day my bicycle did the honours of offering me my exercise. That Saturday my exercise was a short walk with Kate. On Sunday I was back at it at about 8:30. It was lovely! But my ankle had already been bothering me for a few days. Nothing serious; just a niggle. Things like that have happened more often; it's been my feet, and my calf. It tends to just mean I need to take it easy for a few days and then I fine again. I suppose this all might be age-related, but I don't think I'm doing too bad!

On the Monday it was a very wet day and I had decided to stay on the roads. The paths would be very slippery! But I didn't get far. My ankle wasn't enjoying this. And I decided I should take that seriously. I turned back!

Now what? A day without exercise? That didn't sound good. I decided to get the bike out. I didn't fancy anything exotic; I decided to just ride the approximate route I would otherwise have run. And so I did! On foot it takes me approximately 40 minutes; now I was done in 22. But it was okay. I would be able to get back to my normal levels of exercise after my ankle would be okay again.

The day after that I still thought my ankle needed a break. This time I biked to Idwal Cottage and back. It was lovely weather! And the day after that I decided to do a loop to the outskirts of Bangor and back. And I know that the day after that, I wouldn't do any exercise at all.

So much for my new habit of evening running! The first bike ride was still in the evening, but the second one had to be in the afternoon as I was otherwise engaged in the evening, and the third one was in the afternoon as the evening had a bad weather forecast. But I'm sure I'll be back!

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