14 June 2022

New toy: smart watch

When I was visiting my friend Monique I mentioned I was nowadays quite active on Strava. And that I have no idea what my heart rate is doing when I exercise, because I use it from my phone, and not a watch. Then she mentioned they had an old smart watch lying around, which measures your heart rate. Was I interested in adopting that? And I was! 

Mike charged it, and reset it. Then Monique helped me connect it with my phone. I was set! I immediately put it on. And that day it wouldn’t get much to do, but the day after I would go on my first run in a while. I was a bit careful because of my ankle, so I took it easy. My heartrate didn't go above 150 bpm!

I hadn't connected the watch with Strava yet; I didn't know my password off by heart and needed to look that up at home. But once I got home, I could finally go for a run, logged by Strava, without having to lug my phone with me.

It did log, but there was no map! The watch can’t  provide that level of detail. Next time I will bring my phone anyway. But it is fun to see what my heart rate is doing when I am running up a hill! Getting up to Moel Faban resulted in 172 bpm. I now also know from my watch if I am getting a message!

I feel a bit stretched out in a way; in some ways, I haven't left the 19th century yet, and in other ways, I am now firmly lodged in the 21st. But I suppose there is something to say for having a wide range!

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