29 June 2022

Moel Siabod in the evening

Last month I had said goodbye to Kate who was going off to sea again. She would be back in September. But then, only two weeks later, I got the message that she was actually in the UK. She had been in the US, but was actually not going off to sea. And she was in England now, but she would be back in Wales regularly! I quite liked that thought. A week later she was nearby up by for lunch. That was great! But she would be back to England again. In the week she was back I was busy in the evenings, but then there was another week after that. So I kept my Wednesday evening free. She had suggested walking up Moel Siabod. And the weather was fine so we did that! We met at Pont Cyfwng. And in the evening heat we set off. It was a glorious day.

We would go up the ridge and go down clockwise. I hadn't been up that ridge in a long long time!

We had to have a break on the flank as Kate received a fungal from her solicitor, but otherwise we got up without incident. It was a beautiful route! And the views were good as well. We enjoyed them especially during a snack break. And I had forgot that once you reach the end of the climb, there actually is quite a lot of ridge to walk before you get to the actual summit. Very beautiful! And at the summit we sat down for some more snacks. But we didn't linger; the summit was riddled with midges. We were quickly on our way! And we soon walked into the shadow, but that was okay. By the time the sun set behind the hills we were almost back at the cars. This is the time of the long evenings! And I think we made excellent use of this one. I hope we'll do something like this again this summer!

Loud-shirted hike mates

View from snack break 1

Nantgwryd seen from the ridge

View from the summit


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