11 June 2022

To the Netherlands part I

The previous time I was in the Netherlands, my sister announced that in June, she would be celebrating her 50th birthday. So that was my next trip sorted! And I had to make sure I had finished all my marking beforehand, but that worked out fine. I gave the key to the neighbour (and to Sue), removed my plants from the conservatory, said goodbye to the cat, and headed for the airport. And in spite of all mention of understaffing and chaos on airports, I got to the Netherlands without issue.

My first port of call was Roelof this time. He would be seeing a mutual friend that night, and it made sense for me to just join. And so I did! It was great to see Roelof and Micha, and Viking. We just sat on the balcony with a beer. It was fab! And we discussed the possibility of a 2022 swamp hike. I hope we can make that work! 

Old equipment near Nemo

The next day I first popped by at my mother’s, as my sister’s party wasn’t starting until the evening. And then it was time to get into party mode!

I walked up to my sister’s house in my pragmatic outfit, and was greeted by my brother in law. And then my sister who looked very festive! I quickly changed into a dress and got me a drink. And the first other guests appeared. My sister still has friends from school, so I have been meeting these since my early teens. That is a long time by now! And everyone was feeling festive, so having a chat with complete strangers was fun too. I lasted until about midnight! It had been a good party. A good way to turn 50!

Cheerful sisters

And with that, an important part of my Dutch trip was over! And for the next important bit I didn’t have to go anywhere. But that’s for a next post…

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