22 June 2022

Progress on the solar panel debacle

 I had been arguing via email with the solar panel company for a while. They had just offered to replace my inverter with two separate ones, and I had replied that I was not going to agree on anything until they had properly explained to me what the pros and cons were of the various potential inverter setups. That would be a bit of typing, but I figured that was just what they deserved; I had asked why they were so hesitant to speak over the phone, and they had said that their legal team had suggested that would be better there would be a paper trail. I had, after all, threatened with legal action. But the my phone rang. 

It was the company. I had explained to them I had only threatened with legal action after they had not taken up my offer of sorting this amicably via the phone as soon as as I found out what they had done. I don't know if they suddenly realised that I was not as hostile as they thought, or whether they just realised that you can record phone conversations, and then there is still a paper trail. But either way! They phoned me. And then just explained why having two inverters would be a solution. And given that they had not actually asked me this before, I finally had the opportunity to tell them that it was likely I would have my wall re-rendered fairly soon. And if that would indeed happen, we could just await that, leave the inverter where it was, and then go on from there. And we agreed we would just wait and see. If the renderer would indeed show up and finish the work as planned, then that would open the floor to the additional five solar panels, and then I would soon have the full array working. If something would go wrong; the renderer getting covid and having the bail out, for instance, then we could change the inverters after all. 

It was a lot more pleasant to just talk rather than exchange angry emails. And my threat of legal action still stands; I still think they could not charge me the same amount for a different product without consulting me, and I will seriously consider going to the Small Claims Court to get what I think I am due. But at least I will know later this month how much it is I think they owe me. So there will not be any news for a while! But stay tuned. This saga might have a happy ending in the end…

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