23 August 2018

The plum season has started

It's been going on for weeks! If I walk around in the garden I tend to do a bit of grazing. Getting some fresh fruit out of your own garden is great! It started with raspberries, then gooseberries, and now the plum tree has started to yield fruit. And they are lovely plums! I was slightly prejudiced against plums as we used to have a plum tree in the garden of my parental house. I lived there for 17 years and I figured I had eaten as many plums as I ever would want in my entire life. But plums come in many varieties and the ones from my own tree taste completely different. So I'm quite enjoying them! And I have already delivered the first batch to the neighbour, as I can't possibly eat all of them myself. Should bring a big tupperware of them to work too! I'm sure some of my colleagues would like them too. They're nice! Thanks Rose; I get a lot more pleasure out of the vegetation I inherited from her than from the ones I planted myself. Although I admit you can grow a lot more in 20 years than in four months!

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