14 August 2018


I had so optimistically sown lots of vegetables in what should be a vegetable patch! But hardly anything came up. The only thing that popped up after not too much time were the radishes. The seeds had been a gift from my niece! The small plants were soon eaten by (probably) slugs and I thought all was lost. But it wasn't! Then it got dry and the slugs vanished. The radish plants tried again! And succeeded. And a lonely carrot appeared.

When I was visiting my sister she said I shouldn't wait with harvesting the radishes; they get woody if you leave them too long. So I decided to harvest them when I got home! And I tried. But there were no radishes. Oh dear. I do have seed, though, so I can try again next year!

When I was harvesting anyway I pulled out my lonely carrot too. I ate it! The sole produce from my veg travails!


I suppose these slight bulges could have become radishes...

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