10 July 2018

Garden starts yielding fruit

We have a fully flung heatwave here! And that's not very comfortable. But for getting your fruit to ripen it's excellent. One of the first things to ripen were the red currants, but the birds got all of these. I had one! And then the gooseberries started to become ripe. It seems the birds in my garden don't like these very much so I can eat them myself at my leisure. And now the raspberries have followed! And they are not eaten anywhere as much as the currants! It's really nice to be able to just forage for some fresh fruit in your garden. And with the plums and apples on the way it's not likely to stop soon!

Lovely big raspberries

I don't know what these are; Marieke uncovered them

The gooseberries, as ripe-looking as they probably will ever look

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