05 August 2018

Freezer gone

After I'd emptied the freezer I had to get rid of it. I decided pretty soon after I'd emptied it that I have no use for it. I live close to three supermarkets! And they're open all the time. I don't like the thought of frozen food. And I'm sure that as soon as I use the thing to full capacity I will never manage to empty it and will end up like Rose, who hadn't managed at all to eat the contents of the thing before she moved on. It had to go! I asked a few contacts, and then plonked it on Facebook. That seemed the right place as the sales group is local. I'm not going to post a freezer! And it went in no time. To a distant colleague, even! She had dogs and wanted to buy meat in bulk for dog food. And as I had, with my father's help, managed to manoeuvre the thing close to the kitchen door, we managed quite soon to lift it out of the house and into her car. It's gone! I hope it serves er for a long time. And now I have space under the stairs. And a spot on the wall where Rose clearly painted around something! I think it will take a while for me to fill the space again in a structural way; I should paint the walls first. And that's not too high on the to do list...

It's not there anymore!

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