10 August 2018

Car issues

I drove back from work and wanted to switch the fan in the car on. It was hot! But nothing happened. Oh dear. I first only thought of the temperature in the car. Then I thought of condensation on the windscreen. If you can't turn the fan on, how do you get rid of that? A car with an opaque windscreen is useless. I would have to have it fixed! And the car also made some slightly funny sounds, but nothing so out of the ordinary I worried about it too much.

I drove to the garage on Monday. They told me to come back on Wednesday. I did! I told the bloke the fan didn't work and left. And got the phone call at the end of the afternoon the car was fixed. When I came to pick it up I didn't quite understand what the bloke was saying about the fan. Until it dawned on me he had fixed the fan of the engine. Not of the inside of the car! He said its switch didn't work. I must have driven around with the fan not working. That explains the funny sounds! And indeed, when I drove away the car sounded a lot better.

It was too late in the day for the chap to also fix the other fan. I had to come back the day after! And that day they still didn't manage to get it done. I would have to bring it back after my upcoming trip to the Netherlands! So that will probably be one hot trip to the airport. And back. But the day after I deliver it again, and expect the work to be finished. Once that's done I'll have a comfortable car again. Which, fortunately, is unlikely to overheat and bugger its engine anytime soon. This coincidence saved the car, in all likelihood!

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