26 April 2017

Weekend run

I had such a good plan! But it went wrong. I wanted to see the slate mine I had seen from a distance before Easter. The map it is on, though, does not show the whole way. I thought I'd get there on my satnav. I forgot I bought a lorry satnav, as it was cheaper. The tiny road I wanted to drive down is probably too small for a lorry. My satnav got me to the right village from the main road, but sent me straight back to said main road from there. What? I didn't have a map so I just drove in what seemed like the right direction, hoping to end up on the map in the end. I did, but not in the right place! But I ended up in a beautiful place anyway, and just had a run there. I had ended up at Llyn Cwm Dulyn, a very nice reservoir. I set off in a tank top and shorts; that was a bit cold as the logical way was up, and on hilltops it is windy. It was alright, though! And very very quiet. On sunny Saturdays there are plenty of areas in Snowdonia that are very busy.

I ran to the hilltop, or rather, I half walked and half ran up; then I half ran and half walked down. I had a sandwich and some tea at the car, and then I ran a little more on the road. At least that was a bit more consistent running! But then it was time to go home. I had stuff to do!

View from where I parked the car; the cwm in the distance contains the reservoir

The reservoir

Summery selfie

View from the top

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