15 April 2017

Moel Hebog, after all

Just before the job started I had thought to go up Moel Hebog, but the weather turned a bit bad and I hadn't. But now another weekend in which I figured I didn't have to work approached, and the whether forecast was lovely. I mailed the same bloke that couldn't make it the previous time, and this time he was available. Moel Hebog, here we would come!

Chris picked me up at 8AM and we drove to Beddgelert. We set off on the same path I had used the previous time, but soon we veered off to the north. It was a lovely day and the views were lovely! We walked up. After a while we came to an amazing outcrop of pillow lavas. They were amazing! We sat down for a coffee. When we set off again we soon came to the summit. Very nice! We had lunch there.

The amazing pillow lavas

Chris walking up

At the top!

From the summit we decided to head along the ridge; past the local copper mine, and over several more summits, and then back through the woods. We didn't have helmets and I didn't have a torch, and we weren't keen on getting our walking boots wet, so we didn't do anything other with the mine than admire it from the outside. But it was nice anyway!

From a distance we also saw the Prince of Wales slate quarry. I will have to visit that one some day soon! It looked lovely.

Pretty landscape

 Relaxed lamb

By half past four we were back at the car. It had been a good day! I was a bit sunburnt (oh dear) but that was a modest sacrifice. Chris had been feeling a bit bad about having a much slower pace than me, but I didn't mind. It was nice to have company for a change! And he is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge. He knows everything about the history (especially the stuff from palaeolithic to iron age) and even about the geology of the region. We might very well do this again!

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