09 April 2017

Got the job

On Thursday I sent in my application for the eight month extension of my job. On Saturday, during the open day, I was nervously asked by the Head of School if I had applied. I had! He hadn't heard from HR yet and was getting nervous. I could reassure him.

On Monday I walked past a lab, which had one of my 4th year students in it, and Stella, who until recently had been my office mate. The student said someone had been looking for me; he didn't know who. Stella informed him that had been the Head of School. That could be good news! I went to his office.

He was just emailing me. He asked me if I could do an interview there and then. Well, I could! I had been the only applicant so it would be a formality. Good! I was in a normal 'I don't have to teach today' outfit with pink jeans and a loud shirt. I've never done a live job interview in something like that! (Phone or video interviews are another matter, of course) But why not. It needed another person, though, so my colleague Dei was phoned. When he appeared I confirmed I accepted the job, and the HoS asked if I was OK with the details given in the advertisement. I told him there were no details in the advertisement, so we discussed some there and then. I get tutees again! Only temporary, until my colleague Katrien comes back from maternity leave. And I will try to get an actual list of duties from Dei; it seems to exist. And some things were becoming clear on their own accord; I had been starting to get emails from colleagues with the question if I could teach on their modules in the next term. Now I could answer them!

So that's it; I'll be teaching at Bangor University until the end of February 2018. I will have been here as long as I have lived in Plymouth. Let's hope I can stay even beyond that!

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