01 March 2015

Shopping avoided part 2

I said I might get the hang of it! And I did in the end. Is this me boasting about Welsh again? No, not this time. This is me being glad I managed to find a way to avoid shopping for clothes. I really don't like it! But if you can just get it all done by sitting in front of your computer for half an hour it's not so bad. And I had already managed with shoes; now I managed with clothes too! I'm not sure what it is I'm getting the hang of; maybe it's the lingo. Only weeks ago I had never heard of longline shirts or skater skirts, for instance, but now I know what they are, which helps. Ha, still a reference to that language matters! Anyway, I now have bought new shoes, shirts, jumpers, jeans and skirts, and I can stop buying stuff now for hopefully a long, long time. And some old stuff can go. And I'm chuffed that most of my purchases are second hand! I like that concept. So yay for eBay!

 Some of my acquisitions

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