31 March 2015

Caving or running?

Caving and running; one would say these are effortlessly combined. As long as you don't hurt yourself underground there is no reason why one can't do both. But these days I start to see an issue.

We spend a lot of time in the big local mine. When I say big, I mean BIG. I've been in it countless many times but I still don't know my way around. If we're scampering around in some remote corner of the place, I stand little chance of getting out on my own. And the remote corners are the most interesting, of course. And it takes a while to get there. And to get back.

If we are doing a trip like that, we're home late. And I don't cope well with lack of sleep. If I don't get enough rest I just fall ill. I'm always acutely aware of this, and always at my prickliest when people get between me and my sleep, but now, with this marathon looming, it's got worse. If I fall ill now, all the training so far will go down the drain. So I am getting more annoying at my mates if they are happily procrastinating and pootling in the deepest depths of a mine at a time I would want to be in bed already. Mind you, most of the time the mines we visit are about an hour's drive away; if you're still deep underground by 10.30 you won't be in bed until 1AM.

Random picture from one of the local venues, taken by Simon

I could, of course, drive up separately, and then I can leave at any time I wish. But if we're somewhere from where I can't find the exit, what's the point? And in a way, having to find your way out on your own is an excellent way to get to know the place, but if it goes wrong and I get lost and I waste hours it won't do anything for my mood or my marathon training. I think I'll at least have to skip the trip just before the race. We'll see how I manage in the weeks in between!

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