08 March 2015


When I was about to move to York, Antony offered me his hospitality while I would be looking for a place to live. That was so nice! And when I moved, it didn't take long for two marine biologists to come to my office, mention they would go see a talk of sorts, and would have a pint beforehand; whether I cared to join? That was nice too.

One of these biologists was Bryce, the school Aussie, who would keep up the social interactions, through things like BBQs (one is an Aussie or one isn't). The other one was Leigh, one of the PhD students. He finished his PhD soon after I left. He wasn't fed up with science yet, so he started applying for postdoc positions. And guess what: he was hired in Bangor! So that gave me the opportunity to continue this string of nice deeds that had gone back quite a while. I invited him and his girlfriend over to stay at my place while they looked for a place. And they took it up!

They would arrive on Thursday night. I wasn't such a good host I made sure I would be home then; we would go swimming underground! I don't let an opportunity like that slip easily. I hid a key for them and told them to not stay up for me. They did anyway.

It was nice to see them! Although they didn't stay long; they had a viewing on Friday morning 10AM, and they decided to take that house. The next morning they were gone! But they can now look forward to living in a cute old house in downtown Menai Bridge. It will be nice to have them here for real!

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