09 March 2015

Raising money for Cancer Research UK

Those who read this blog know it: I will be running a marathon soon. I decided to try to combine this personal challenge with trying to raise some money for charity. I picked Cancer Research UK. Why? Well one has to pick one. Many charities do very good work. But there just had been some people in my surroundings being affected by cancer specifically, and, to be honest, it also is a disease that scares me personally. I hope I'll never have to battle it! And if I do, then I hope the treatment will be bearable and there will be people supporting me. Anyway. Cancer research UK won't do the supporting, but they will help improving treatments. And there is still plenty of room for improvement! So if you want to join the battle, please visit my Just Giving page. And the more people will do that, the more that will propel me. And that might help in motivating me for doing this sort of thing more often...

Cancer Research UK

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