19 April 2023

The Cornish are back

I was in the train back from Hull to home when I got a text. It was from my Cornish friends Mike and Daz. They were coming to Wales again! Before Covid, that had been a yearly occurrence. Sometimes twice a year, as they enjoy the hills both in summer and winter guise.   I was glad to get to see them again after so much time!

They dropped by Saturday afternoon, and suggested we walk around on the surface of Llanberis Copper mine. That sounded fine! I grabbed my helmet and a water bag and I was good to go. But when we pulled into the layby, they realised they had already been there before. We had to make a plan B! And we decided to walk into Dinorwic from there.

We mainly walked over the main path, but at some point we went on a little explore. We saw bits we had never seen before! Dinorwic always has surprises like that ready for you. And it was a gorgeous day.

Afterwards we had a cuppa (Daz had supplies in his van), and then they drove me home. It had been really good to see them! We go back a long time by now. We first met in spring 2010... I hope they will be back soon. 


Obscure corner of the quarry

Respectful art

Me with Mike and Daz

Lovely views

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