09 April 2023

Comms training

It felt like we had done the previous communications training only the day before! But in reality, it was pretty much a year ago. And we were doing it again at the same venue: the Great Orme. This time I actually also knew what it looks like underneath

Before we started, I introduced myself to some new people. As membership secretary, I know all names. It’s good to know the faces as well! 

Tony, our comms officer, lead the training. He let us play with new, digital two-way radios. The same with the Nicolas; some sort of phone developed especially for underground. And he brought out our usual tried-and-tested field telephones with a wire between them. And although they are not comms, he brought out some gas meters as well. I had just been reminded of the possibility of bad air underground! 

We first had a play indoors, but then we took the kit into the show mine. It worked! And that was basically all we had come for. I was home at a reasonable time! 

Inside the show mine

Signage in the mine

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