15 April 2023

In the Netherlands

I’ve done the rounds again! I decided to visit the Netherlands over Easter. And I managed to see my mum, my dad, my sister and several friends. It was a good trip. 

Drinking wine in the garden with my mum

One thing that stood out was visiting Viking. During our hike he had explained he temporarily lived in the most glamorous location possible in Amsterdam and that I should come and see. And I did! He hadn’t promised too much. What a location. And if I see him, that often happens at Roelof’s, so then it’s him on his own, but now I got to see his wife and kids. The last time that happened he only had two kids! Things had changed in the meantime. 

There are worse places to live

I also got to see my dad’s new house in finished condition. I had seen the empty shell, and it looked promising, but now it’s a home with a kitchen and paint on the walls and furniture and all that. It looked great! I am glad he landed so well. 

And in addition to these new abodes it just was good to see people. Catch up with my mum over coffee, with Henco and Maaike over buckets of tea, with Monique and Mike over even more tea. Making Easter lunch with my sister (harp concert afterwards, of course!) and brushing her cat. Going to a museum together. It’s good to stay in touch with people you’ve known for decades! And I was even mainly lucky with the weather. A good trip! 

The museum I went to with my sister

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