03 April 2023

Cake competition second round

There has been a bit of a gap between the first and the second round of the cake competition! But in the end, it arrived. And I was one of the two first bakers to snap into action again. And I had decided what to bake months before; I sometimes make an apple and fig cake, and I decided that this time, I would make vegan version of this.

The day before I asked Susan if I could hitch a ride. If I bike all the way to work with a cake in my panniers, I think it will arrive as a bit of a car crash of a cake. And she spotted immediately why I would ask that. And revealed that she was the other baker.

When the actual competition started I got to try both. The problem with a cake, unlike something like soup, is that you can't taste it beforehand. I thought it was good! But hers was better. She had made a lemon and blueberry cake. It was really tasty! I figured she would win. But I got some satisfaction from seeing one of our vegans wander into the room and helping himself to a piece of my cake. 

My entry

Later the votes came in. She had indeed won! And that is the end of my involvement in this cake competition. But I think we will take the rest of the academic year for the final rounds, and then I will participate again in the 2023-2024 competition. And I intend to make all of my cakes vegan! And if I practice a bit, I should be getting good at this. I have at some point also made, if I can say so myself, quite a good vegan banana bread. I should try a vegan chocolate cake soon. And some time ago I made a vegan tahini-orange cake. That wasn't quite the success I wanted it to be, but I know what I want to do to improve it. So for the coming months, I will only be judging. But I will be training for the next first round!

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