27 April 2023

Starting work on the new raised bed

Between my upstairs and downstairs garden, there was a drystone wall. It looked like it could come down any second, and I had it repaired. But firstly, that meant I had to give the workmen access. The area underneath the wall was rather overgrown! And when they were working there, they needed to bring down a lot of stone. The place to put that was where I had had to remove most of the vegetation. That did it for any remaining green. So when they were done, that entire raised bed was empty. And I had had it on my to do list to fill it up again and try to make it beautiful! So now that project was brought forward.

The wall was sorted in November; I didn't get around to starting work on it until April. But that involves several months in which not much happens in gardens in general. And now I have a big blank slate to fill! 

I wanted some sizable shrubs in the back, and then only low vegetation in the front. And I wanted to try to make it look coherent. I know I'm terribly bad at that! But I just thought back at the advice my sister, who has much more of an eye for this, had given me when she had visited me the previous year. (Entirely solicited, I hasten to add.) 

I took some scrubs from other raised beds that had become too cluttered, and of which I thought they would look good together, and put them in the back. For the front I thought I needed a bit more time. But one thing I knew I wanted was some English stonecrop at the front. And that grows in abundance around! So while being careful not to do noticeable damage, I took some form the outskirts of the quarry, and put it in the bed. It is full of slate; I think it will like it there, and not be outcompeted by faster growing plants. It's not a very fertile bed! And I am around to try to control any plants who try anyway.

Not entirely empty anymore!

It is still rather bare, but a start has been made. I hope I can make this look pretty! If I succeed, that really improves the garden a lot!

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