08 April 2023

Into the field with a new MSc student

In spring, we tend to get our MSc students. Last year I got two, one of which who bailed quickly. This year I had two as well; one on an entirely desk-based project, and the other one on a project that was very field-based. And I figured we should start of the fieldwork as soon as we could. The student agreed! So on a glorious Monday we had our first venture into the estuary. We looked at what the puzzling aspects of it are, and how we can try to pry its secrets out of it. That didn't go overly smoothly; firstly I hadn't been in the field in months and had lost my routine, and he had never had routine in the first place. Additionally; it was unknown where the GPS had gone, so it was difficult to log where we were making our observations. And our mobile phones can probably tell us where we are, and we were using that, but in the long run we also need elevation, so that GPS has to come back. But I think it was a success! And we will be back…

Lovely day in the estuary

Puzzling fossil salt marsh layers

What a commute!

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