10 April 2023

Confusion at Neuadd Ogwen

In December 2021, work started on Neuadd Ogwen. One of the main objectives of the project was building a porch over the rear entrances. As it was, the hall just had two sets of double doors that opened straight into the outside world. That doesn’t stop much heat and noise escaping!

It’s now Easter time 2023. How is progress going? On the porch side: it isn’t. In January, steel beams were installed, which looked like they were the backbone of the structure. And then nothing happened for a while.

The situation on January 25th

One day I came out of my house to find activity again. I asked the men there whether that meant work would now continue until it was finished. They said it did. 

When I came home that day, the beams had gone. What did that mean? This seemed very inefficient. I don’t know what is going on now. I suppose I will find out! But I’m glad I didn’t know 1.5 years ago, when all disruption started, that there still wouldn’t even be a start of a porch by now…

No beams! And no porch.

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