26 April 2023

Giving up on shoes

I like to keep using items as long as I can! A lot of material and energy has gone into producing them, and I want to squeeze the last bit of use out. And that holds for shoes as well. I had two pairs of shoes that needed regular gluing. The soles kept falling off! But with one of these pairs, I have now given up. It took few days, with very little walking, for the last glue job to fail again. The professional shoe repair person in town had already given up. So now I have to! A pity; apart from the sole issue, they are in fine nick. And they were very comfortable. But what can you do! Structural integrity matters. But I will keep gluing the other pair for as long as I can. Maybe I should only buy shoes of which the soles are stitched on! But I'm not quite sure how feasible that is…

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