18 July 2022

Enjoying the summer lull

It is summer! There are no contact hours with the students, there is no marking. There is plenty to do regarding preparing for the next academic year, but the deadline isn't close. This is supposed to be the most relaxed time of the year! And it isn't always; I clearly remember last year when I was already teetering on the edge in August, and wondering what my life had come to. But this year is different. I am not organising the field trip and I am not organising welcome week. So this is my opportunity for taking it a bit easy! And I decided to do just that.

The traditional thing to do is go on summer holiday, of course; but that sort of thing is never a straightforward if you are a solitary living creature, and it is even more complicated when you have a cat. Spending through the nose on solar panels (that still don't work) and rendering doesn't improve anything. So I decided that this was my year for staying home and spending time on all these chores that need doing but tend to fall by the wayside. I had already made quite a dent in my long term to do list! And also wanted to spend some time with nice people.

I had one week where I was doing social and/or cultural things four nights in a row. It was a bit full-on, but it was lovely! On Tuesday, Miles came over for dinner for the first time ever. And it was a nice evening so we sat in the garden. On the Wednesday I had my friends and colleagues Sarah and Laura over. More dinner in the garden!

On Thursday it was graduation again (see separate blog post to come), and after that we sat by the weir with a bunch of friends in honour of Fran’s birthday. And on Friday after work I first went biking with Martin, and then went to the cinema (more blog posts to come). That last thing should've been a social occasion, but that didn't work out as the people involved couldn't get their diaries together.

Maybe four nights in a row is a bit overdoing it, but I am really enjoying just saying yes to things, and organising things as well! Tuesday was Miles's idea, Wednesday was mine, Thursday was a bit everybody's, the biking was Martin's idea and the film was mine. I'm really enjoying this! And the week after was maybe not quite as busy but it still had several social occasions. Soon enough it will be term time again, and these shenanigans will just be too much. I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

A vegan tart I made for Sarah and Laura

The vegan chocolate mousse I made as dessert 

Posing by the weir; pic by Martin

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