25 July 2021

Beer and barbecue

I suppose that quite an effective way of improving the quality of one's life is having a drink with friends in a beautiful place. So some friends of Martin had decided that that was a good thing to do, and I got invited. They were speaking of the weir, and I had no idea what they were on about. But I was going to find out!

We would gather at Martin's. When I was biking up at the dedicated time I heard someone call my name. It was my old office mate Juan! And his five-week-old son. I had never met the kid yet. So we had a bit of a chat!

I then biked up rather fast because I was late, but I turned out to be the first one to arrive. By the time we were complete it was a while later! We put the food in the fridge, packed our beers, and headed for this elusive weir. You can't see it from the path! And I must have never noticed it on satellite imagery. But it was beautiful. I can imagine why they go there. We had some nice beers in the sun.

When we got home really went back to Martin's, and he lit the barbecue. We had a nice eclectic range of food! And it was several hours later than I normally have dinner, but hey ho. It was a good night!

heading towards the weir

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