03 January 2022

Late 2021 visitor

For years, I saw Miles on a regular basis as we were having a digging project. The last time we had a session was in October 2019. Then Miles got busy with other things. And not much later, lockdown happened. We didn't see each other until lockdown was eased almost one and a half years after that. We saw each other in Dinorwic, and at his place, and at Conwy Falls CafĂ©. And I figured the next step should be that he comes over to mine. He hadn't met the cat yet, for instance! And nothing happened for months, and I was wondering whether a post-digging friendship was not going to happen after all, but before the year was fully over, it did happen. He came over for tea and cake and it was lovely. And he scratched the head of the cat so she was happy too. I don't know if, let alone when if so, we will rekindle the digging project, but we were clearly a good team and it is good to know that still works outside slate mines. More of this in 2022! 

Making friends

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