26 June 2021

Making an effort to make car maintenance green

Almost a year ago, I decided to buy a pump for my car. So far have always relied on gas stations for keeping the pressure at the desired level, but I decided it would be reassuring to have a pump so I would be able to just sort that kind of matters at home. You can, of course, buy battery-powered pumps or electric pumps, but I settled on a foot pump on the basis of that it would be the most environmental-friendly. I did realise, though, when I tried it that basically what powers that thing is your weight. And there is only so much of that!

I recently casually checked my car and saw I had another tyre that was bit low. So out came the pump! But this time I was mentally prepared. I have a sand bag in the storage space, because climate change, and I put it into a backpack and wore it. And outfitted thus I got to work! And it worked! The extra weight did the job. I managed to increase the pressure to an acceptable level. It wasn't necessarily very comfortable, but hey, the tyre was a lot better at the end of it. And having properly inflated tyres is also good for the environment! So even though it was a lot of faff, it all worked and the outcome was good. And why do I have a 24 kg sandbag? Well, when I bought the bags they were quite big, and it seemed silly to keep them mostly empty. And then you end up with quite a heavy bag. But it came in handy!

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