06 June 2021

Courgette plan seems to work

 After a very disappointing first try of growing courgettes last year, I decided to do things differently. Last year the only creatures who enjoyed the courgettes were the pests in the garden (probably slugs). They even ate most of the plants. Slug pellets and copper tape didn't help! So this year, all my plants in the courgette family are living indoors. And so far they seem to like it. I have two courgette plants, one butternut squash plant, and one pumpkin plant. And they all grew to considerable size, unconsumed by invertebrates. The pumpkin plant especially is huge! And all the plants have started flowering now. That meant it would soon become clear if this would work!

One day I saw my biggest courgette plant had indeed started to make a courgette! And there were no munch marks on it! I don't know how big will get, but I have faith that it will be me who eats it in the end. And I am also curious to see how things will go with the other two species. I hope I will have a bumper crop! Courgette soup, here I come!

The first indoor-grown courgette

The pumpkin plant

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