11 June 2021

Cleaning in Menai Bridge

 The previous weekend, I had helped my friend Kate Igraine to put some items into storage. Her time in Menai Bridge was coming to an end! But when you leave your rental property, you need to empty it and clean it, and that is a bit of work. So this weekend I was back. I personally never liked these last stages of moving house. When you want to spend time in your new house, but you still have to do the tedious job of cleaning the kitchen cupboards and stuff! So I had offered to help her. If you do it together it is less tedious. So on a sunny Sunday morning I biked over. We first had a coffee, and then we got to work!

I started out taking fixings out of the garage. Garages are good for storing outdoor gear, and that might be associated with all kinds of hooks and loops and pulley systems and whatnot. And that needs to come along! So that kept me busy for a while. Then I swept the courtyard. Kate did the run to the recycling centre, which tidied up considerably. Then we had another coffee. With brownies!

After that I cleaned the kitchen. Then I thought it was time to go home and look after my own place. Kate thought she would only need an hour or two more to finish everything off. It turned out otherwise. But she got it done! And the next time I see her she lives in the new house! I am glad I could lend a hand.

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