07 June 2021

Back to the pub

 It has been legal to meet inside a pub for weeks now! I haven't done it yet. But for the first time since it became legal to go to the pub at all, I was going for a pint. I had been seeing my Welsh tutor on Teams through the entire period, but we prefer to meet in person. And she had suggested we meet up in Bangor or Menai Bridge. I had volunteered the Tap and Spile, as I am working at home, and this pub is nicely close to the start of the bicycle path to Bethesda. And I knew they had outside tables. The weather was going to be lovely!

I got there first. I suddenly was biking down the bicycle path all the time now! The previous day I had biked to Menai Bridge to go to the lab. My bike finally has something to do again. And I sat down at the table and waited for Jenny. It wasn't the most scenic pub terrace ever; it's a nice pub if you want to sit inside, but if you sit outside you are basically on the pavement right at the road. You are really close to Bangor Pier, but you just can't see it from there. I suppose my choice wasn't perfect. But it was convenient!

Jenny appeared and we had our first in-person talk since forever. It was really nice! And I normally only drink half a pint, but I figured the pub needed some support so I had an entire one. We want to keep meeting in person from now on! And for next time she suggested a pub just around the corner, which actually has beer garden…

The view from where we were sitting. The road with all the cars on leads to the Pier.

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