21 June 2021

Boiler problem solved

It had been many weeks since I had had a hot shower! And when I was certain I couldn't somehow convince the boiler to produce hot showers myself, I had contacted the plumber. Unsurprisingly, he thought he would be able to sort it. And one Monday morning I got a phone call. He was in the vicinity; would it be convenient to drop by? And it was.

He had a bit of a look and decided some engine of sorts was broken. He popped into Bangor to get a replacement, and popped that into position without difficulty. And I tried the shower; it worked! Problem solved.

As I write this it's already almost a week later, and I haven't yet had a hot shower. It's June! I don't need to. But I'm glad I at least have the choice back. It won't be June forever! And maybe one day I can have guests again; then I really want to have a hot shower on offer…

work in progress

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