03 June 2021

Moving washing machines, trees and desserts

It was a hot day and I didn't take any pictures! But the day really happened. And it was a good day. I first did some chores, and then I drove to Menai Bridge. I was going to help Kate Igraine to bring some big stuff to storage, on the eve of her house move. As she is joining existing functioning household, she doesn't have to bring everything. The house already has things such as a cooker and a washing machine. So we would lug some items like that to Holyhead, where some enterprising spirit has put some shipping containers on some arbitrary plot of land, for exactly that purpose. And driving on a hot day is not ideal, but it had to be done. And it was a sunny bank holiday weekend, so I ended up in a queue before the bridge! That hadn't happened to me for a while.

We first had a cup of tea. Then we hoisted the cooker into her car in the washing machine into mine. Then we filled both cars up with whatever would fit. Then we were good to go! And we drove in convoy to Holyhead. And in no time we had all the stuff in the container. This would never have been this efficient with only one person and one car! So success. And we celebrated with some nice squash.

On the way back home I drove past the garden centre, as I wanted to buy a lot of compost, and some plants. That was a success too!

That evening I would have dinner with my friends on the hill. I would bring dessert. I had prepared it the previous day. I was confident I would manage to bike it up the hill in good order. But I wanted to bike more up the hill. The previous time I been there, they had mentioned their rosemary had died, and that they hoped to get some cuttings from somewhere. I had taken cuttings from my big rosemary shrub, but these had died. But then later I had realised I have another rosemary bush, near the kitchen door. I could just dig that out and give it to them in one piece! I had dug it out in the morning, and put it with its roots into a bag with some soil. Now I needed to figure out how to get it up the hill. It was a veritable tree! But I managed to put it in one of the panniers, strap it to the seatpost, and thereby make sure it wasn't hanging too horizontally, and thus not taking up ludicrous amounts of space. I was still twice as wide as a normal cyclist! But that couldn't be helped. The other pannier was for dessert and extra clothes, as it was a hot day, but I also needed to be ready to bike down the hill in the evening.

It all worked! I must have attracted some attention biking through the village, but I got there without incident. And it was a lovely warm and sunny evening. We had a lovely time! And my dessert (two flavours of chocolate mousse) finished in a satisfying way. What a way to end the day!

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